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  • Transparent and intuitive so a designer can confidently include real-time aerodynamic behaviour in a wide range of environments

  • Quantitatively correct within its stated assumptions so it can be used as part of engineering design and/or education

  • Qualitatively correct universally so that behaviour is always physically plausible

Anyone Can Make Things Fly

An aerodynamics toolkit for use in real-time environments such as engineering simulations, games and virtual experiences. 

Available from the Unity Asset Store here  


AO core provides aerodynamic models, wind and wake models, and visualisation tools 

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Aerodynamic Models

Model lift, drag and aerodynamic moment acting on arbitrarily scaled ellipsoid bodies at arbitrary aerodynamic attitude and angular rate. Model buoyancy forces in uniform fluids and at fluid surfaces. Aerodynamic models integrate seamlessly with the Unity physics engine.


Wind and wake models

Model uniform wind from any direction. Add spatial and temporal turbulence. Combine models to produce complex dynamic wind fields. Build custom lifting and non-lifting wake models that represent realistic fluid motion behind vehicles. Use these wakes to drive the aerodynamic behaviour of other aerodynamic objects.


Visualisation tools

Visualise the aerodynamic forces on your models with flexible arrow tools to provide visual feedback for the developer and player. Visualise wind fields with arrows and particles.


Our design philosophy with Aerodynamic Objects is that users should be able to create interesting and complex models and behaviours driven by aerodynamics without having to have in-depth knowledge of the subject. Simple things are easy to do; complex things are possible with experience.

Flight vehicles*

  • Fixed wing

  • Rotary wing

  • Aerostats (balloons)

Ground vehicles

  • Simple cars

Flying animals

  • Birds

  • Mammals

  • Insects

  • Fantasy


  • Simple sailboats

  • Floating objects

Swimming animals

  • Finned fish

  • Cetaceans (whales, etc)

Wind-driven objects

  • Manufactured (debris, etc)

  • Natural (leaves, seeds, etc)

  • Atmospheric (snow, rain, etc)

Wind-driven flexible structures

  • Manufactured (buildings, bridges, etc)

  • Natural (plants, trees, etc)

Sports projectiles

  • Balls (soccer, rugby, etc)

  • Discs (frisbee, discus)

  • Slender rods (arrows, javelin)


  • Wind turbines

  • Kites

*A complete set of tutorials and demos for Flight Vehicle applications is available in the AO core release


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