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Learn how to use Aerodynamic Objects and make things fly



Get started by importing Aerodynamic Objects into your Unity project and familiarise yourself with the structure of the tools


Welcome To Wind

Learn how to create a fluid zone and set the speed and direction of wind. Explore the visualisation tools provided in Aerodynamic Objects to see how turbulent wind moves through the fluid zone.


My First Aerodynamic Object

Create an Aerodynamic Object and explore the effects of wind on a bluff body. Knock over a tower of blocks with the force of wind.


My First Wing

Create and Aerodynamic Object with lift. Learn how the angle of attack affects the lift produced by a wing and get ready to start building things that can fly.



Explore the stabilising effects of a lifting body. Build a weathervane that points into the wind.


Get Ready To Fly

Add a wing to the weathervane to generate lift. Explore how the centre of mass of an object affects its stability during flight.


My First Glider

Add wings to the weathervane to create a glider. Learn about flight experiments and how to make a stable glider.


Propeller Propulsion

Add a propeller to your aircraft and do you first powered takeoff


Flight Control

Learn how to connect Aerodynamic Objects to player inputs and control your aircraft.


Aircraft Design

Take on a scrapheap challenge and build a new aircraft from the parts of the previous tutorials. Learn about the principles of aircraft design and how to test your aircraft before flight.

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